Company history

Since 1989, CENTOTEX has placed itself on an international scene by combining the artisan approach with the most modern industrial logics, with respect for the environment. We turn to Italian and foreign companies, offering our know-how, strengthened by thirty years of experience in addition to our fundamental principles such as quality, craftsmanship and customer service.


The history of CENTOTEX begins in the eighties thanks to an intuition of the Aureli family who believed in the importance of Made in Italy, in the fashion sector, transforming a small business into a large company. Even today, all members and staff are united by a precise vision that combines matured experience, high-level service and excellent results in Italy and around the world.

Development over time

CENTOTEX represents one of the Marche entrepreneurial realities linked to its territory, a treasure chest between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic Sea just a few minutes away from each other. The company headquarter is, in fact, located in a strategic area which, since the 1980s, has established itself for industrial manufacturing in the clothing sector.