Eco-sustainability and responsible production

Our corporate vision has always been based on product innovation and the reduction of the environmental impact in manufacturing. Our commitment is manifested through highly innovative and energy-saving processes, in order to produce garments according to a green industrial policy.

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Made in Italy

Our trousers are born from the desire to present the concept of "Italian lifestyle" in an international perspective, taking care of the design, construction, style, materials and colors at the highest levels. All production phases are carried out directly by the company or by selected and expert Italian suppliers under our coordination.


The company mission will be to continue the research and evolution of informal trousers, increasingly defining the versatility and wearability of handcrafted trousers with a sporty look.

Premium Service

We are partners of national and international premium brands that have confirmed their trust and satisfaction over the years. Premium is not just a word, but the synthesis in the development of: research, production quality, respect for deadlines and customer assistance.